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Our approach is different from many marketing consulting groups. We look at this as more of a partnership.  We have a vested interest in your development so we work with you from the inside out.

By determining where the strength and weakness of each client is, we can then accentuate the strength and minimize weaknesses to take your school to the next level.

Event Planning

One of the great tools we have in developing your school is hosting an event.  We at 413Group will help you plan the entire event from concept to execution.  Creating a brand image as well as doing a full social media blitz.

With full graphic design capabilities we can develop a comprehensive marketing image

Why 413Group?

413Group believes that although technology is a great tool, nothing compares to the personal connection.  In today’s sea of social media, we tend to lose touch with our basic principles, which is the interaction between you and your customers.

Martial Arts is a personal connection and 413Group understands that.  Our strength is our hands on approach to developing your business.

Channel 413


“We opened with a prayer and we close with a prayer. That set the whole experience to a new level. We could do no wrong. From conception to execution, 413group.net made things go so smoothly in a seminar that for me was a personal journey in martial arts. That organization made what was to be a good experience into a great experience. Mabuhay!”

Doug Marcaida
Doug MarcaidaKali Marcaida

It was a joy to have been a part of Doug Marcaida’s “I Am The Weapon” Seminar held on February 6 in Rosemead, Calif. Having attended, participated and organized numerous seminar events for various fields of profession as well within the Martial Arts, it was a breath of fresh air to see what the 413 Group helmed by Francis Serrano were able to accomplish for this seminar. I was able to work with Francis to secure a very important interview with Doug for my documentary project on the balisong. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant interaction in order to facilitate this amidst Kuya Doug’s tight schedule and within the parameters of the seminar. As far as pushing the Filipino Martial Arts to the next level of organization, coordination and presentation, Francis brings a forward thinking mentality, conscious planning and great ‘on the spot’ decision making that is a true blessing for the landscape of the FMA Scene. A positive ‘Bayanihan’ spirit was apparent and I feel that all participants were left with an amazing experience. I truly look forward to what the 413 group has in store for their future events. Maraming Salamat, Po,

Paul Factora
Paul FactoraWay of the Balisong

Our experience with 413group was wonderful! They gave us the opportunity to meet many new people that had the same passion as we did. As a vendor this event has enabled us to cater to FMA practitioners. The I Am The Weapon seminar hosted by Doug Marcaida was truly inspiring. This seminar has not only brought people together but has raised the bar of what FMA can become. We are very please with the services that 413group has provided. They have made this event smooth and successful. We enjoyed every moment of it and appreciate the experience we were a part of.

Marc Mendoza
Marc MendozaiTak Clothing & Apparelwww.itakclothing.com

thank u T. Jay (Francis) and Duane for hosting Noval Doce Pares West Coast Eskrimador on may 28th it was my pleasure to help and trian others you guys did an excellent job very professional in the near future I would like to do this again, another seminar it was a great turnout with that you and duane I don’t think I could pull this off by myself so thanks again for all your help in advertising, thanks 413group.

Master Nito Noval
Master Nito NovalNoval Doce Pares

As a marketing director of Russianblades.com I’d like to thank 413group.net for an opportunity to be one of the sponsors of “Warriors Seminar” with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro. Our company was proud to support this event. We’ve had a great time and met nice people and started quite a few business relationships. The organization and atmosphere was great, spirit of camaraderie was in the air. Looking forward to more events like this. Once again, huge props to 413group.net for putting together this event.

Albert V. Bystritskii
Albert V. BystritskiiMD AKA Drbignscary

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 413Group is a Marketing Consultancy group specializing within the Filipino Martial Arts Industry.  We work with groups to develop their entire marketing strategies from events to fundraisers as well as tournaments.

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