What is a Secondary Weapon

Recently 413Group in tandem with Filipino Martial Arts School released a video called DEPLOYING A SECONDARY WEAPON. First let me discuss what constitute as a secondary weapon. A secondary weapon is something that a person carries should their primary weapon is unavailable, such as if the use of the primary weapon was an excessive amount of force or could not be reached. For police officers, the primary weapon of course is their sidearm, but if pulling their gun was unavailable a police officer might pull their telescopic baton. On a regular citizen, a gun might not be an option, but a knife is common. If a person cannot use their knife (i.e on the airplane or other locations where a knife is not allowed) a pen is a perfect secondary weapon, but it must be capable of handling the rigors of combative use. In the video I used Tuff Writer’s Precision Press Pen. The owner/designer of Tuff Writer Jack Roman, a Filipino Martial Art (FMA) practitioner designed this pen with the functionality of a secondary weapon in mind. One of the tools/weapon that FMA practitioner uses is a Kubatan. A small piece of wood shaped of a dowel no bigger than 5 inches. It can be used as a way to reinforce the fist as well as a blunt force instrument. Holding the kubatan with a few inches hanging can also be used as a hooking instrument to capture and lock up an opponent. The Precision Press Series Pen, made from high grade aluminum, pressurized ink capsule and steel retention clip is perfect. This pen was built for practical usage capable for use of protection.
I am also a calligrapher, and although this pen is not something I would use to make any of my art pieces it is perfect for everyday use. I like the smoothness of how it glides on a piece of paper, it writes evenly and although slight heavier, it does give the pen more control. I use this pen everyday in school (currently a student at Claremont School of Theology) to take notes as well as in writing and signing of checks and or contracts. A great and well built writing tool.
The combination of these two features makes the Precision Press Pen by Tuff Writer, the perfect secondary weapon as well as a wonderful everyday pen.


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  1. Camille
    Camille says:

    Do you have any kind of suggestions for composing write-ups?
    That’s where I always struggle and I just finish up gazing
    vacant display for long time.


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